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Canada Credit Card (CAT Credit Platinum Card)

Canada Credit Card

No credit history? Bad Credit? No worries! Still in bankruptcy and need a credit card? Get your CAT Visa!
No credit history? Bad Credit?  No worries!
Still in bankruptcy and need a credit card?  Get your CAT Visa!
We want to help you rebuild it with the Cat Credit Platinum Card.
Finally! A credit card designed for everyone! Easy to use, get your CAT Visa, use it, and reload to make purchases in store or online, and repair and rebuild your credit using our included programs.
The CAT Visa Credit Card gives you the power to make purchases worldwide anywhere Visa cards are accepted. The Cat Visa Credit Card is reloadable via your CashSlab Tablet, so you can add money to the card over and over again simply by tapping the screen. With the Cat Visa Card, you can make purchases in stores or shop securely online, by phone, or through mail order purchases. The Cat Visa Card can also be used at millions of ATMs worldwide.

The Cat Visa Card can be purchased and reloaded by visiting our website at or by simply tapping your screen on your CAT.  Your Cash Advance Terminal is easy to use and once approved, we will send you the card and tablet by mail. For more information, you may contact our customer support centre at 1-866-530-3646.

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Calgary, AB, T2J 0P6

Phone: +1 (866) 530-3646
Working Hours: Weekdays up to 6 PM

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