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PinBud International Limited is a startup private company founded in the summer of 2009 and headquartered in Calgary, Canada. PinBud has established subsidiaries in Texas and England. Our team is working hard on developing and expanding PinBud.ca, the online marketplace connecting consumers and local businesses in service industries.

We are not recruiting for any particular position at the moment; however, we are always very interested in creative, energetic, and reliable people who want to contribute to the growth of our website and to support our expansion in Canada, United States, Western Europe, and beyond. We welcome applications for positions such as product development and support, customer service representative, web marketer and editor, regional manager, media producer, etc. If you think you can contribute to PinBud`s growth, please do not hesitate to grab our attention by sending your resume and a cover letter to

Your targeted cover letter should demonstrate your interest related to our website. Specific feedback is also appreciated. Please do not waste our time and yours by including our email address to a mass resume distribution list.

Thank you for visiting our website. Please come back soon for specific job openings.

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